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Alvin Super Hero

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Step into the thrilling world of Alvin Super Hero in this action-packed superhero training game! Theodore has crafted a high-speed Superboard, and now it's time to determine who's worthy in a neighborhood race. 🏃💨 If you've enjoyed Temple Run, you'll find the gameplay familiar – navigate a dynamically generated obstacle course through the streets, collect coins, and run as far as you can. 🌟 But beware of obstacles; a single collision puts an end to the race. Test your skills in this exhilarating Super Hero adventure! 🦸‍♂️🚀 Join the excitement at Friv Games! 🎮👾 Visit Friv and dive into the world of Alvin Super Hero today! 🌈✨

- desktop Avoid the obstacles Use the arrow keys to steer left and right - mobile Avoid the obstacles Swipe left or right to control - desktop Use the arrow keys to jump or duck - mobile Swipe up or down to jump or crouch

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