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Among at Easter

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Embark on a thrilling online or local WiFi adventure with 4-10 players in Among Us! 🚀 Your mission: prepare the spaceship for departure. However, beware! One among you is an impostor with the sinister goal of eliminating everyone.

Crewmates can achieve victory by successfully completing all assigned tasks or by identifying and voting off the impostor. Communication and teamwork are key to survival.

The Impostor, on the other hand, utilizes sabotage to sow chaos, creating opportunities for strategic kills and building convincing alibis. 🕵️‍♂️

Challenge your friends or make new allies as you navigate the suspenseful world of Among Us. 🌌 For more multiplayer fun, explore the diverse games available on the Friv website. 🎮 Can you trust your fellow crewmates, or will you uncover the impostor in this intense game of deception? Find out now! 🌐👥


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