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Car Stunt Raching

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🚗 Get ready for an exhilarating ride in this action-packed game! Drive your car at top speed on diverse tracks, executing breathtaking stunts. Navigate sharp turns, leap over springboards, dodge swinging hammers, and conquer loops. Master challenging car stunts, including skillful skidding on sharp turns. 🔄 To tackle track elements with confidence, gain experience and grasp the car's real physics. Use prize coins earned from completing tracks to upgrade your car or unlock new race tracks. 🏆 Experience the thrill now! Explore more high-octane games on Friv. 🎮 Stunt Driving Car Game Friv Adventure 🌟

Keyboard left-right turn the steering up gas pedal down brake pedal c camera Mouse mouse left-right turn the steering left mouse button gas pedal right mouse button brake pedal

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