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DIY Grimace Shake

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🍨 Dive into the sizzling world of "DIY Grimace Shake"! 🌟 Grimace is a milkshake maestro, and now you can create your own masterpiece. Mix it not only for Grimace but also for Banana Cat, alphabet lore, and more beloved characters. Explore hundreds of fancy mugs, milkshake flavors, straws, and decorations for the milkshake shop.

Customize the ambiance to your liking and craft the perfect milkshake. 🎨 Once done, savor it with your chosen character. The game provides feedback with emojis based on the taste. 🥤 Curious for more? Head to Friv for an endless array of fun games! 🎮 Grimace Shake DIY Cooking Friv Fun 🌈

Mouse click or tap to play

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