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Excavator Simulator 3D

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🚜 Dive into the Excavator Simulator 3D, the ultimate JCB simulation game on Friv games! Operate realistic 3D construction vehicles, including trucks, excavators, and Pincer Jaws, to tackle diverse missions. Switch attachments seamlessly for tasks like digging, clamping, lifting, hammering, or forklifting. Master the controls of these powerful machines, relishing in lifelike physics and graphics. Speed through levels, earn more money, and unlock additional vehicles and challenges. 🏗️ Ready for an engineering adventure? Enjoy the thrill! 🎮 Excavator Simulator Construction Game Friv Gaming 🏭

On PC W - Gas S - Brake or Backward A - Turn left D - Turn right Left wheel - rotate mechanic arm Right wheel - accelerate mechanic arm On Mobile Hold Arrows - steering Hold pedals - drive forward or back Swipe wheels - accelerate

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