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Funny Shooter - Destroy all enemies

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Equip yourself with one of the 18 available weapons and fend off the enemy invasion. Face enemies of various sizes and abilities, dodging grenades, pitchforks, and avoiding blows from clubs, axes, and chainsaws. Annihilate adversaries with a grenade launcher or a bazooka, or engage them with machine guns and pistols. Your mission: Destroy them all!

- Stunning graphics that enhance the gaming experience.
- A diverse selection of weapons to suit your playstyle.
- Highly addictive gameplay that keeps you on your toes.
- Immersive sound effects and driving music to intensify the action.

Choose your arsenal wisely, survive the onslaught, and emerge victorious. Visit Friv for more thrilling games! 🎮 #ActionGame #Weapons #FrivFun 💥


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