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Funny Throat Surgery

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Feeling a sore throat? Visit the doctor in this interactive game! Tackle gum diseases, eliminate bacteria, and extract infected tonsils. Experience a fun and cute dress-up session at the end of your medical journey. Prioritize both health and style!

👩‍⚕️ Embrace the role of the doctor as you cure various ailments in an engaging and entertaining way. Take on the challenge of maintaining good oral health by addressing dental issues and ensuring a clean, bacteria-free environment.

At the conclusion of your medical adventure, enjoy a delightful dress-up feature, adding a touch of humor and cuteness to your virtual experience. 👗 It's not just about healing; it's about looking good and feeling great!

For more enjoyable games, explore the diverse collection on the Friv games website. 🌐 Take charge of your health, have fun at the doctor's office, and showcase your style in this entertaining and educational game. 🎮


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