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Help Police

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Engage in the thrilling Help Police puzzle game, where strategic thinking is the key to success! 🚓💡 As the mastermind behind a police squad, your mission is to outsmart the thieves and keep them from escaping prison. 🕵️‍♂️🔒 Unlock new police officers every 10 levels to enhance your team! Take your time, plan your moves wisely, and wish yourself good luck as you dive into this challenging pursuit of justice. Play now and test your logical prowess! Experience the excitement at Friv Games! 🎮👮‍♂️ Visit Friv for endless gaming fun! 🌟

Your task is to catch the thief To do this you need to arrange the police in such a way that the thief has no free moves left Click on the policeman to see the available moves Click on one of the available points to make a move If the thief gets to t

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