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Noob Archer Monster Attack

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In the game, you start playing as a beginner archer, a complete nub from which you have to make a pro archer. Can you defeat all bosses, unlock all achievements, get the best bow and helmet, and become the top 1 archer in the world?

Game Features:
Upgrade - by increasing the parameters of the archer make up your personal build.
Enemies - a variety of enemies, bosses and targets, fight them all.
Wind - changes the trajectory of the arrow, watch him.
Equipment - open all bows and helmets and get the best one.
Revenge – defeated, lost half of the coins, go back and get them back if you can.
Effects - freeze, poison or set fire to the enemy, but beware yourself.
Levels - a huge number of levels pass the most you will enter the top.
Achievements - try to complete all the different missions and get achievements.


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